Newspaper Round Up: 29th of September 2020

The Times reports on growing resentment towards the prime minister among Tory MPs over coronavirus restrictions, comparing some elements to George Orwell's 1984.
The Guardian goes with the global roll out of on-the-spot coronavirus tests which give results in 15-30 minutes and which, it says, could save thousands of lives.
Daily Star
The Daily Star carries a dire warning about the weather, saying the UK is set to be hit by five named storms this winter.
Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror reports on confusion over the latest coronavirus restrictions, with students feeling trapped inside at university while drinkers mix freely after pubs close at 10pm.
The i reports that some Tory MPs are angry with ministers because they have not agreed to some of the government's new coronavirus restrictions.
Daily Express
The Daily Express says ministers are close to striking a deal to head off a backbench Tory revolt over new coronavirus restrictions.
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail leads on a possible revolt by Tory MPs, including some of those who helped secure last year's majority by winning long-held Labour seats, over the government's proposed new coronavirus restrictions.
Financial Times
The Financial Times reports on a boost for HSBC's share price after a Chinese investor increased its stake in the bank.
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph reports on potential shortages of the winter flu vaccine that could force those that need it most to wait for their jab.
The Metro leads on what it calls "chaotic" scenes at UK universities, where locked down students are facing shortages of basics while paying thousands of pounds in tuition fees.