Newspaper Round Up: 2nd of October 2020

The i newspaper claims Ms Ferrier "broke [the] rules five times". It pictures her speaking in the Commons and quotes her directly as saying: "I apologise unreservedly... there is no excuse for my actions."
Daily Star
And the Daily Star appeals to "British baldies" as it reports that US President Donald Trump "thinks chemicals in McDonald's fries have helped him keep his trademark 'blond'". The president is "lovin' it", it claims.
Daily Express
A picture of Chancellor Rishi Sunak is splashed across the front page of the Daily Express, which says he has revealed "his deep concern for all the victims of the pandemic".
Daily Mail
Ms Ferrier's actions were "reckless" and she was "forced to issue an extraordinary apology", the Daily Mail reports. There's "one rule for them", the paper says, citing this along with with former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn breaching the "rule of six" and the prime minister's father, Stanley Johnson, not wearing a mask in a shop.
Daily Telegraph
SNP MP Margaret Ferrier "took Covid to the Commons", says the Daily Telegraph, after she travelled to Westminster despite experiencing symptoms. Ms Ferrier said she travelled by train back to Scotland after testing positive. The paper says she has been accused of hypocrisy, having called for the prime minister's top adviser, Dominic Cummings, to resign following his trip to Durham during lockdown.
Back in the UK, the Times says the Foreign Office is "at war" with Home Secretary Priti Patel after she asked officials to look at asylum policies, including housing people who are seeking asylum offshore. The paper says Ms Patel's allies have accused the Foreign Office of "leaking 'bizarre and unworkable' asylum policies to discredit her" in a "Whitehall blame game".
Analysis carried out by the Guardian suggests the coronavirus infection rate has "at least doubled" in 11 out of 16 English cities and towns that have been subject to long-term local lockdowns. It says there is "growing concern" that restrictions are introduced "on the cheap".
Financial Times
The Financial Times reports that Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, leading advisers on Rolls-Royce's £2bn rights issue, "radically scaled back their underwriting commitments" in the days leading up to the cash call because of concerns about the pandemic and the US election.
The Metro says Mr Johnson is facing a "great lockdown rebellion" from civic leaders, including the mayor of Middlesbrough. It quotes Andy Preston as saying "we defy the government" over new lockdown laws. He claims they have been based on "factual inaccuracies and a monstrous and frightening lack of communication and ignorance".