Newspaper Round Up: 30th of June 2020

Daily Express
Elsewhere, the Daily Express focuses on Boris Johnson's promise of a £5bn "new deal" to kick start the economic recovery after the coronavirus crisis. In a major speech on Tuesday, the prime minister is set to unveil plans for an "infrastructure revolution" to modernise hospitals, schools, roads, prisons, the courts, High Streets and town centres, the paper reports.
Daily Star
Finally, the Daily Star reports that a statue of The Wurzels' frontman Adge Cutler has been "vandalised". Googly eyes have been stuck on to the tribute to the West Country singer, sparking "fury" from fans, according to the paper.
Financial Times
The Financial Times reports that investment banking fees have "rocketed" to a record $57bn in the first six months of the year. The paper says fees have been boosted by a series of lucrative debt sales as companies "grabbed cash" to tide them over the coronavirus crisis.
Daily Mirror
The announcement that the lockdown will be tightened in Leicester following a rise in coronavirus cases in the city leads most of the front pages. The Daily Mirror describes the move as "Britain's first local lockdown", with the city's non-essential shops and schools forced to close again - except for vulnerable pupils and children of key workers.
The Times says the speech will invite comparisons with Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal, which saw the US president use the full power of the state to restore American fortunes after the Great Depression. Mr Johnson's programme will also include a pledge to retrain those who have lost their jobs and "build, build, build", the paper adds.
Daily Mail
Leicester's residents are also being advised to stay at home as much as possible and avoid all but essential travel, the Daily Mail reports. Meanwhile, business owners have spoken of their "despair" at the news, which will cost them "countless thousands of pounds", the paper says.
The Metro says Leicester has been "left in limbo" by the announcement, noting that it came just days before pubs, restaurants and hairdressers were due to reopen across England. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that while cases were falling in most parts of the country, they were "continuing to rise" in Leicester, with children "particularly impacted", the paper reports.
However, the Guardian says critics are likely to highlight that there is no new money in the announcement. The paper sees it as an attempt to "refocus" Mr Johnson's premiership, with No 10 "keen to restore their grip on the news agenda with upbeat messaging about the future".
Daily Telegraph
Pubs and restaurants in Leicester will not be able to reopen on 4 July with the rest of England and a proposed relaxation of shielding on 6 July has also been cancelled in the city, the Telegraph reports. The paper says the action was so sensitive for the government that its announcement was repeatedly postponed on Monday evening as a succession of meetings were held with cabinet ministers and local officials.