Newspaper Round Up: 30th of September 2020

The Times says that the UK is on "red alert" following the reporting of the highest increase in coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic.
Daily Express
The Daily Express says that almost a million breast cancer tests have been missed during the coronavirus lockdown.
Daily Star
The Daily Star has launched a campaign to protect pets that were bought, and subsequently dumped, during the coronavirus lockdown.
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail reports that around a million have missed breast cancer screenings, as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.
The government is too reliant on management consultants, reports The Guardian, based on a leaked ministerial letter.
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph says that Conservative backbenchers who are hoping for the right to vote on coronavirus restrictions appear to be on the brink of winning their argument, following the prime minister's admission he did not correctly describe the rules in the North East.
Financial Times
The Financial Times says that a whistleblower tried to warn EY about fraud at German payment company Wirecard, four years before the firm collapsed.
Daily Mirror
"And you thought you were confused" is the headline on the front of the Daily Mirror, which reports on the prime minister had to apologise for misspeaking while trying to explain the new coronavirus regulations in the North East.
The Metro says the prime minister has had to apologise after admitting he misspoke when trying to clarify the new coronavirus rules in the north east.