Newspaper Round Up: 3rd of August 2020

Daily Telegraph
And the controversy surrounding the Conservative party's handling of the allegations also leads the Daily Telegraph's front page. The government's chief whip Mark Spencer is being accused of failing to act over complaints made against the Conservative MP, who has not been named. According to sources, Mr Spencer had not known the "magnitude" of the allegations.
The Times calls the tests a "significant boost" to control the virus as winter approaches. It notes current tests take six hours to process and says there are hopes the machine used for the new tests will be made more widely available and could even be deployed in schools and businesses.
Daily Express
Anger over the suggestion that people over the age of 50 might be asked to stay at home in order to prevent a second wave of the virus leads the Daily Express' front page. The policy is branded "ageist" by campaigners, the paper adds, with up to 25 million Britons potentially being asked to stay inside.
Daily Star
And the Daily Star says that poisonous false widow spiders are breeding more as temperatures rise, with a 10-day heat wave approaching. Temperatures are expected to reach 39C this week.
Daily Mail
Two "game-changing" coronavirus tests - which give results in 90 minutes - will be rolled out from next week, the Daily Mail reports. Heralding the development as "transformative" it says the NHS and care homes will get the tests first, before they are made more widely available. Health Secretary Matt Hancock called the move "lifesaving", the paper adds.
One of the Britain's top scientists has accused the government of drawing a "shroud of secrecy" over key decisions in the coronavirus crisis, the Guardian reports. Sir Paul Nurse, the Nobel laureate and director of the Francis Crick Institute in London, has urged ministers to be more open about the reasoning behind their policies. Also on the front page, the paper carries a report of the Conservative party's "shocking" decision not remove the whip from the Tory MP who was arrested after being accused of rape.
Daily Mirror
Calls for the Conservative MP who was arrested after being accused of rape to be suspended from the party lead the Daily Mirror. The former minister has not had the whip withdrawn, prompting anger. Shadow domestic violence minister and Labour MP Jess Phillips is quoted as saying: "While pending a police investigation for a sexual crime, I think it is only right that the whip is withdrawn."
The i also leads its edition with new "rapid" tests being rolled out. The paper notes that the quicker analysis should help schools reopening in September as it says speedier analysis of results is an "absolute priority".
And Metro likens ordering the over 50s to stay put to being "grounded". The paper also lists other potential "nuclear" options if cases rise, such as London being sealed off, with the M25 ring road used as a "border". Meanwhile, the picture dominating the front page is that of Lewis Hamilton celebrating at Silverstone after winning his seventh British Grand Prix.
Financial Times
Meanwhile, the Financial Times leads with Donald Trump vowing to "take action" against Chinese software companies that his administration thinks pose a risk to society. Bytedance, the Chinese owner of TikTok, has told the White House it is willing to divest its US operation in full, the paper adds, after Mr Trump vowed last week to ban the app.