Newspaper Round Up: 4th of October 2020

Sunday Times
Mr Trump is banking his recovery from coronavirus on an experimental drug, reports the Sunday Times. It says the president took a one-off dose of a cocktail of antibody-boosting drugs before being transported to hospital, and has also begun a course of antiviral drug remdesivir. "No other patient is known to have been treated with two such powerful drugs so soon after infection," the paper adds.
Sunday Mirror
The Daily Mirror reports a less positive response from the president over his health. It claims Mr Trump repeatedly asked "Am I going to die? when he received his positive test for Covid-19. It also says the president remains in danger after his diagnosis, despite his upbeat tweet from hospital.
Daily Star Sunday
The Daily Star Sunday splashes with a picture of the PM's father, claiming he was seen wearing a face covering beneath his chin at an airport.
Sunday Express
"Just how ill is president Trump?" asks the Sunday Express, amid the ongoing confusion. It notes Mr Trump tweeted he was "feeling well". The positive diagnosis, made public by the president in a tweet early on Friday, has upended his election campaign and also cast doubt on his attempt to get a new Supreme Court judge confirmed before polling day.
Sunday Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph quotes sources close to the president as saying Mr Trump was given oxygen on Friday night - as his vital signs were "very concerning". There were also reports Mr Trump had experienced breathing difficulties that day, the paper says. It comes after the White House insisted the president only had "mild symptoms" when he was flown to hospital on Friday afternoon.
The majority of Sunday's papers are focused on US President Donald Trump's health, following his coronavirus diagnosis. Officials have given conflicting reports on Mr Trump's health, and the Observer says "confusion reigned" over his condition on Saturday night. The president's doctors - pictured on the paper's front page - have said he is doing "very well" in hospital, but their account was disputed moments later by the White House chief of staff who expressed concern about Mr Trump's condition.