Newspaper Round Up: 6th of November 2020

Daily Mail
The Daily Mail reports that faked bank statements which Princess Diana's brother says were used to help secure her historic BBC Panorama interview were allegedly stolen in a burglary. It says the break-in was at the home of Matt Wiessler, a graphic artist "who had mocked up bank statements on behalf of Panorama reporter Martin Bashir". The BBC has apologised for the faked statements, but it says a note from the princess says she did not see them. It said it would investigate "substantive new information" but this was "hampered at the moment" by the fact that Bashir was "seriously unwell" and unable to discuss the claims.
Daily Star
The president is dubbed "grumpy Trumpy" on the front page of the Daily Star. Sesame Street's Count von Count is superimposed on to a screenshot of Mr Trump's tweet calling for vote counting to end. The president is "set to lose bigly", the paper says.
Daily Express
Chancellor Rishi Sunak has put £33bn into "saving jobs" as the UK grapples with rising coronavirus cases, according to the Daily Express. The chancellor says it is to help the country "build back better for a brighter future" and commends people for "digging deep and pulling together".
Daily Mirror
And the Daily Mirror calls for people to hold a two-minute "doorstep silence" on Remembrance Sunday this weekend. It features Brooke Scott, the 11-year-old daughter of a soldier killed in Afghanistan, supporting the appeal "to honour fallen heroes like dad Lee".
A protester in New York demanding that "every vote" be counted is splashed across the front page of the Guardian. Joe Biden was "tantalisingly close" to victory on Thursday, the paper says. It reports that legal experts say Trump's "complaints, threats and lawsuits" have "little legal merit".
The Times is among the papers to contrast Joe Biden's "appeals for calm" with President Donald Trump's claims of election fraud. Mr Trump launched more legal actions after alleging - without providing evidence - that "major fraud" had taken place with regards to vote counting. The paper says Thursday was a "rollercoaster day" with both men "sweating on slim leads" in different states.
The i describes Mr Biden as "confident" and Mr Trump as in "meltdown" as he launched "last-ditch lawsuits". The paper says the Trump family is angry at Rupert Murdoch after Fox News said Mr Biden had won Arizona, which would put him just six electoral college votes away from winning the presidency. Other media outlets said the result in Arizona was too close to call before all votes were counted.
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph reports that the projections that informed the decision to introduce a second national lockdown in England have been "quietly revised" and "no longer suggest deaths could soon overtake those at the peak of the first wave". It says "an error" was found, and the new forecast reduces the upper limit of deaths to from 1,500 deaths a day to 1,000 by early December.
The Metro jokes that the former vice president was "Biden his time" on Thursday night, when he was "on the brink of winning". It reports that Mr Trump "threatened to go to court in every state that had backed Mr Biden".
Financial Times
The Financial Times also reports that Mr Biden was "within reach of victory" in the US election on Thursday. The paper says US stocks "rose sharply" for a second day running as investors "positioned their portfolios to reflect the rising chances of Mr Biden winning the White House while his Democratic party fails to take control of the Senate".