Newspaper Round Up: 6th of October 2020

Mr Johnson will promise to make Britain the "Saudi Arabia of wind", notes the Times, as he vows to upgrade facilities along the east coast of England, as well as Scotland and Wales, to ensure the next generation of wind turbines are made in the UK. The commitment will be made as the PM announces £160m of investment in ports and factories.
Daily Mail
Boris Johnson is to pledge to power every home in Britain with offshore wind inside a decade, the Daily Mail, among other papers, reports. The Mail says the prime minister will set out a "radical" plan to build thousands of coastal turbines on Tuesday and create up to 60,000 jobs during his speech to the Conservative Party's virtual conference.
Daily Express
Meanwhile, the chancellor has warned tax rises will be needed to pay for the government's emergency coronavirus spending, reports the Daily Express. Rishi Sunak said the Treasury had a "sacred duty" to "balance the books".
Financial Times
The commitment comes as the International Monetary Fund issues a "rallying call" to rich countries - including the UK - to increase public investment in areas such as green technology and digital infrastructure, says the Financial Times. The IMF hopes the investment could help to spark a strong recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.
The "spreadsheet blunder" means contact tracers are now racing to reach up to 50,000 people who should have been self-isolating, says the Guardian. The paper reports that MPs from across the political spectrum "rounded" on Health Secretary Matt Hancock after it emerged 15,841 positive results were missed from official testing figures.
Daily Mirror
Two students died less than 48 hours after arriving at university in suspected drug-related incidents, reports the Daily Mirror. Jeni Larmour and a fellow fresher, both 18, were found collapsed in their halls of residence, the paper reports. It is believed the girls took ketamine, says the paper.
Daily Star
The Daily Star says Brits were left "baffled" by "test and trace "botches", Covid-19 jab fears, and the PM's dad, Stanley Johnson, who the paper says "still can't wear a mask properly". "You wot?" is its front-page headline.
The US president has said he feels better than he did 20 years ago, the i reports, as he urged Americans not to let Covid-19 "dominate your life". But the paper notes that Mr Trump's doctor has urged caution over the president's condition, saying he "may not be entirely out of the woods yet".
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph leads on Donald Trump's remarks that Americans should not be "afraid" of Covid-19, ahead of leaving hospital. The US president delivered the news that he would be returning to the White House on Monday by tweet - just four days after he tested positive for the virus.
In other news, a testing error means thousands of people exposed to coronavirus in England may have been unwittingly spreading the disease when they should have been self-isolating, the Metro reports. The “debacle” has been blamed on an Excel spreadsheet reaching capacity and failing to update.