Newspaper Round Up: 7th of November 2020

Most of Saturday's front pages focus on the US presidential race. The Times says "history calls" as the key state of Pennsylvania has put Joe Biden on course for the White House. The Democratic nominee was due to address the nation overnight, it adds.
Daily Star
The Daily Star is campaigning for Britons to put up their Christmas decorations early this year. It also carries a photo of actor Geoffrey Palmer, whose death has been announced.
Daily Express
President Trump refuses to face reality, says the Daily Express. "Writing on the Wall for Trump," says its headline.
The Guardian says Donald Trump appears to be "unwilling to leave the Oval office gracefully", adding that Joe Biden is on the cusp of becoming the next president.
Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror says Donald Trump is "still in denial". It quotes Pennsylvania mayor Jim Kenney's words to the president - "What he needs to do is put his big-boy pants on. Acknowledge he's lost" - as it effectively calls the election in favour of Joe Biden.
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail has no mention of the US elections on its front page. It instead chooses to focus on claims journalist Martin Bashir allegedly tricked Diana, Princess of Wales to gain an interview broadcast on the BBC's Panorama programme 25 years ago.
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph reports the claim of Fox News that some White House aides are now privately urging Donald Trump to concede the presidency. Its headline says Trump has been told to stop "trespassing".