Newspaper Round Up: 9th of August 2020

Sunday Express
The prime minister has warned there must be "no excuses" for children not being back in classrooms next month, says the Sunday Express. The paper reports that Mr Johnson - who is said to be personally overseeing the reopening of schools - made the demand in a series of meetings with ministers and government officials last week.
Daily Star Sunday
And finally, the Daily Star Sunday reports that notorious inmate Charles Bronson has forced prison bosses into a U-turn after they took his favourite food, fish and chips, off the dinner menu.
Sunday Times
Boris Johnson is to warn parents that keeping children at home is a far greater threat to their wellbeing than coronavirus, the Sunday Times reports. The paper says the prime minister has ordered a PR campaign to ensure schools reopen on time in September after being presented evidence that personal and social harm to children is more persuasive to parents than fears about pupils falling behind academically.
Sunday Mirror
But a former government chief scientific adviser has predicted the UK could be heading for full lockdown by the end of the month, the Sunday Mirror reports. Sir David King told the paper the UK needed an effective test and trace system by September, otherwise schools opening fully again would “put us right back”.
Sunday Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph reports that France is demanding the UK pay £30m to stem the flow of migrants being smuggled into Britain by criminal gangs. The UK is drawing up a plan to deploy naval vessels, drones and even spy planes to stop migrants making landfall on the south coast of England. However, any deal requires France's agreement, and it has emerged Paris is requesting the money to fund patrols on the beaches of northern France, says the Telegraph.
Sunday Mail
For the Mail on Sunday, the PM is "throwing down the gauntlet" to teaching unions it says are blocking the return of pupils by insisting the country has a "moral duty" to open schools. In an article for the paper, Mr Johnson declares that a resumption of normal teaching is now his "national priority".