Newspaper Round Up: 9th of December 2020

Daily Express
The start of the UK's mass vaccination programme makes the front of several papers, alongside photographs of smiling 90-year-old Margaret Keenan, the first person to get the jab. The Daily Express says she "gave hope to the world", as she urged others to also be vaccinated.
The Times reports that the UK will get more than a million more doses of the vaccine next week. Its main story looks ahead to the Brexit trade deal talks, quoting one government source as saying "we must be realistic that an agreement may not be possible".
Financial Times
The Financial Times reports that the UK government has decided to drop tariffs on US goods, as part of an attempt to resolve a transatlantic trade dispute over aircraft subsidies. It marks the UK "breaking ranks" with the EU over the issue, the FT says, and that it will be viewed as a bid to win favour with incoming US President Joe Biden.
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail hails the thousands of "inspirational" elderly British people who became the first in the world to get the Pfizer/BioNTech jab. It says around 5,000 people were vaccinated on day one. The paper quotes Lyn Wheeler, 81, who was given the jab in front of Boris Johnson and who called for everyone to get it, saying: "We can't keep sitting in our houses".
The Guardian also leads with Brexit as it reports that the EU's chief negotiator warned the chance of a trade deal was now "very slim". Mr Johnson will take part in Prime Minister's Questions later before flying to Brussels for talks with Ms von der Leyen. Meanwhile, the paper also reports that rugby player Steve Thompson has been diagnosed with early onset dementia and is joining a group of ex-players who are proposing to bring legal action.
Daily Telegraph
The Telegraph is less celebratory on its front page. It quotes a warning from Sir Patrick Vallance who said the public may have to wear masks for another year because of a lack of evidence showing whether the vaccines prevent transmission. Meanwhile, its top picture shows the Queen and other senior royals at an outdoor carol concert.
Daily Mirror
"One down, 54m to go," is the Daily Mirror's headline, referring to the number of adults in the UK - all who the government hopes will be eventually vaccinated. It quotes Margaret Keenan's grandson, Conor, who said "we're so proud of her", while England's chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance called it a "watershed moment".
The i newspaper also carries the photo of Ms Keenan on its front page - alongside the caption "freedom!" - but its top story is on Brexit. Boris Johnson is due to meet European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for dinner later. Meanwhile, the paper adds that Chancellor Rishi Sunak has privately ruled out an emergency budget in the event of no deal.
Daily Star
Unlike the other papers, the Daily Star's front page neither focuses on the vaccine nor Brexit. It quotes a retired Israeli space chief who claims the US has had contact from aliens and President Donald Trump is aware.
The Metro focuses on some of the emotions felt as the first Britons were vaccinated. It pictures NHS staff applauding Ms Keenan, and adds that "it was all too much" for Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who appeared to wipe away tears live on TV. Medics say the vaccinations could mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic, the paper says.