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The Observer’s lead story centres on the nursing “crisis” facing wards as England’s hospitals struggle to recruit staff, with tens of thousands of posts unfilled. One in five nursing posts on some wards are vacant, according to the paper, with the situation made particularly bad by a drop in recruits from Europe. Meanwhile, the paper reports that there is tension brewing in Downing Street between Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel after the PM overruled attempts to make public sexual harassment a crime.

Observer Front Page 28th of November 2021

The Observer writes that the prime minister has “absolute confidence” this Christmas will be better than the last – despite reimposing a range of restrictions to combat the new, highly transmissible variant of COVID-19.Also on the front page, an interview with a man whose wife and children were among the 27 people who drowned in the Channel.

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Observer Front Page 21st of November 2021

The Guardian has interviewed the former chair of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain, who says the rejection of multiculturalism by successive Conservative governments has helped fuel “vulgar racism” of the kind experienced by cricketer Azeem Rafiq. 

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