Newspaper Round Up: 10th of August 2020

The Times reports the calls by the children's commissioner for England for pupils and teachers to be routinely tested - a position that is said to set her at odds with the government. Anne Longfield's remarks were in contrasts to schools minister Nick Gibb, who said the current precautions were sufficient and that the government approach was informed by science.
Daily Mail
In other education news, A-level pupils whose marks are downgraded by computers face missing out on university places while exam boards sift through a "flood of appeals", says the Daily Mail. Exam boards are expected to lower nearly 40% of the grades provided by teachers' estimates. It comes after this year’s exams were cancelled due to the pandemic.
Daily Telegraph
Schools are drawing up plans to teach pupils on a week-on, week-off basis if there is a resurgence of the coronavirus, reports the Daily Telegraph. It says Geoff Barton, the general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, warned schools were "losing patience" with the government's demands to have all children back in school next month, with no official back-up plan for if this was not possible.
Elsewhere, Downing Street is planning to impose targets on police and prosecutors in England and Wales in an attempt to reverse the record decline in rape prosecutions, according to the Guardian. In what the paper calls a “highly unusual” move, the prime minister’s crime and justice taskforce is planning to set targets for police to refer more cases to the Crown Prosecution Service, while the CPS itself has been tasked with prosecuting and bringing more trials.
Daily Express
In other coronavirus news, Britain is finally defeating the pandemic, according to a "top medic" quoted in the Daily Express. More of the sickest patients are now surviving the virus due to improved treatment, the paper says, while one consultant has even claimed the UK is "almost reaching herd immunity".
Daily Star
The Daily Star reports that footballers are being investigated over an image rights scheme which helps avoid top rate tax. According to the paper, HM Revenue & Customs is looking at 246 professionals after the number using it trebled in a year.
Daily Mirror
Music mogul Simon Cowell is pictured on several front pages after he was nearly paralysed following a fall from an electric bike. The Daily Mirror leads on the news, reporting the 60-year-old missed snapping his spinal cord by a "centimetre" and required six hours of surgery.
The i reports that people with type-1 diabetes could live longer, healthier lives after scientists discovered an existing arthritis treatment can delay disease. Clinical tests are said by the paper to have shown the drug suppressed the illness - and a bigger trial is now planned.
Experts have warned that Boris Johnson has just days to get a grip on the “failing” NHS test and trace system if he wants schools to reopen next month, the Metro reports. The prime minister has said the country has a “moral duty” to reopen classes shut since March. But the paper says many scientists believe the move could force England back into lockdown, with “catastrophic” consequences for the hospitality sector.