Newspaper Round Up: 23rd of November 2020

Financial Times
Despite the chancellor's warnings that the UK will have to tackle "the scale of the economic shock" caused by the pandemic, the Treasury will stick with plans to boost funding for schools and police, the Financial Times reports. The paper describes this as a "last hurrah". School spending will rise by 4.6% in 2021-22 and the government is on track to enlist 20,000 new police officers by 2023, the paper adds.
And it's good news for those keen to do their Christmas shopping in stores as the PM is expected to say that non-essential retail sales can resume across England after the nationwide lockdown lifts on 2 December, the Times reports. In a departure from Covid news, the photo dominating the Times and many other papers is of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's dog, Lupo, who has died.
Daily Mirror
Christmas gets the "go ahead", the Daily Mirror notes, with mass testing - including in care homes - allowing a brief window for festive meet-ups. However, there are fears that households mixing will spread the virus, and experts have warned the testing system must work, the paper adds.
Daily Mail
Meanwhile, the Daily Mail leads with an investigation carried out with the Taxpayers' Alliance which alleges that £5.6bn has been spent by the public sector on "luxury" travel, bonuses and fine dining. "Waste that'll make you weep" is the headline dominating the front page.
Daily Express
The Daily Express adopts a celebratory tone, exclaiming "it's official" as the PM is set to announce the relaxation of measures for families wanting to meet at Christmas.
Daily Star
Finally, the Daily Star leads with a story featuring I'm a Celebrity star Beverley Callard who reportedly once knocked on her Coronation Street husband Charlie Lawson's door wearing a thong and a pair of socks.
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph reports that the "ineffective and hated" system of isolation for those who have come into contact with a Covid case will be scrapped in January in favour of daily testing. Contacts of those who have tested positive for the virus will be asked to undergo daily tests for a week and permitted to carry on with their lives in the meantime, the paper adds. The hope from officials is that people will be more likely to comply with the quick tests than to quarantine for 14 days. The new system of repeat testing will be piloted in Liverpool from Monday. Also, pubs and restaurants will bear the brunt of the new tier system so shops, cinemas and gyms can reopen, the paper says the PM is due to announce.
Several of Monday's papers lead with news that families will be allowed to meet up at Christmas. Proposals have been agreed between Downing Street and the devolved nations, the i says, so people will be able to travel across the UK when restrictions are relaxed.
The Guardian warns that Boris Johnson faces an "unprecedented" internal rebellion over Covid measures. It comes as he is due to announce a programme of mass, instant testing to be rolled out after lockdown is lifted in England on 2 December.
"Bubbles with the baubles" is the headline on the front of Metro, as the paper says up to four households may be allowed to mix during the festive season. The Cabinet Office said on Sunday that "some limited additional household bubbling" would be allowed over the Christmas period for a small number of days, the paper adds. Metro highlights reports that suggest a social bubble could be formed for up to four households between 24 and 28 December.